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They have defined innovative , daring and tenacious , visionary , imaginative , and creative professionals...

VITO GANGA, PhD in History of Architecture and event planner. Assets experiences as a museum planner at the Superintendence of Caserta and Benevento, exhibitions at the Reggia di Caserta, events in the field of museum education, international study conferences, collaborations with the University Federico II and the Imperial University of Tokyo, scientific coordinator PPU of Hebron, a documentary film producer, copywriter for the realization of innovative television formats.

VALERIA Ambrosanio , thirty years of experience in tourism , marketing and communications , technical director of the Travel Agency , Event Manager . Assets of organization of conferences and congresses in Italy and abroad , travel incentives for large companies , social communication campaigns unconventional , design and construction of virus-like actions ( guerrilla marketing ) even in the audiovisual field and advertising , partnerships with networks television and radio for the realization of innovative formats , collaborations for the production of documentary films , art direction in contemporary art exhibitions and theatrical events , development and cooperation in editorial lines and art catalogs  

MARTA MAZZANTI, over twenty years of experience in communications and marketing as Art Director and Senior Brand Manager. Developed numerous projects and works with national and international companies (eg. Vesit SpA, Gama, Barbieri sas, Merloni, General Trading, Canon, Unicredit, Ricard, Daikin) awards and prizes (eg. BBC, Telecom, Omnicomexpo, Veneto Regional Council), the design and realization of exhibitions and events business. Specializing in the fields of household appliances, consumer electronics, food and wine and wine-making, electro-medical, food & beverage, banking / finance, industrial mechanics.